MaxBounty Review – and All you Need to Know about MaxBounty Affiliate Network!

Maxbounty Review

In this MaxBounty review; I’ll be sharing with you my personal experience with the company, and other facts I think you need to know about MaxBounty!


Company Name: MaxBounty
Overall Ranking: 91% out of 100%
Commission Type: CPA, CPL, CPS
Country Allowed: Worldwide
Minimum Payment to Withdraw: $100
Payment Frequency: Weekly, Net-15 (first month)
Payment Method: Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit), Bitcoin
Tracking Software: In-house proprietary platform
MaxBounty Sign Up: It’s FREE to sign-up

MaxBounty Review
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What you will learn from this MaxBounty review

I’ll be discussing the followings:


MaxBounty Review – Overview

MaxBounty is a Canadian based CPA affiliate network that was established in 2004; the company has stood the test of time in becoming one of the well-known and reputable names in the industry. Although; MaxBounty does have some downsides (see the Pros and Cons below).


Maxbounty Review - Maxbounty Affiliate Network

MaxBounty review – What is MaxBounty?

MaxBounty is a cost per action (CPA) affiliate network, otherwise known as performance-based marketing. It’s a platform where advertisers can advertise their products (known as OFFERS), and only payout rewards (commission) when the required task or action is been carried out.

MaxBounty is basically a middleman between you (affiliate marketer/publisher) and the advertiser.  Advertisers put up their offers on MaxBounty’s website; mainly, the advertisers are only interested in rewarding you for your traffic to their offers – but only if the audience from your traffic carries out the required task or action.

For example: if you send ten people to an offer you’re promoting from MaxBounty, and only one person carries out the required task; then you’ll get paid the specified commission based on one person (that’s one conversion).

In some cases; the action required by the advertiser can be as simple as just filling out a form on their website (which is quite common in CPA offers).

One of the good things about MaxBounty is that you have the opportunity to promote hundreds of offers with good conversion rate, and earn yourself a decent income! But there are work’s involved; remember – you get paid for your action!

Who is MaxBounty for?

MaxBounty is for any affiliate marketer that wants to make extra money or any affiliate marketer that wants to earn money faster than the usual affiliate marketing process. Basically; CPA offers are easier to get conversions, simply because of the simplicity of some of the required actions from the advertisers.

The key to your success is your traffic! The more decent traffic you can send to an offer; the better your chances of getting conversions (meaning – people are taking the required action).

In my experience; I actually got conversions from my first offer and my first month with MaxBounty. My payout for the first month was not much though ($175), but it was enough to prove it works! That was when I started promoting CPA offers (a complete beginner then); so, making money from the first month was a big boost for me.

What are the Benefits of MaxBounty?

  • User-friendly interface
  • Very reliable in paying their affiliate marketers on-time
  • They provide FREE educational resources on their website and other related training for you to get started as an affiliate marketers

Basically; if reliability and results are what you really need from CPA offers; then MaxBounty is the place for you. You can see more of the benefits in the PROS below.

Maxbounty University

What are the Pros and the Cons of MaxBounty – The Advantages and Disadvantages?

MaxBounty Pros:

  • Highly effective approval process with quick response (in as much you follow the guidelines)
  • They provide you with thousands of products and services to promote and earn decent money regardless of your chosen niche
  • Reliable platform with a user-friendly interface.
  • Very reliable payment system with lots of payment options – such as PayPal, Wire transfer, Direct Deposit, cheque and Payoneer
  • Highly experienced support system (Unlike other affiliate networks)
  • Their delegated affiliate managers are quite very helpful; they’re much interested in helping you succeed
  • MaxBounty provides quality educational resources for you to educate yourself properly as an affiliate marketer.

MaxBounty Cons:

  • You can easily get banned if your traffic’s are questionable
  • MaxBounty does have a very strict registration process for affiliate marketers that does not have a website, and which it’s more of a disadvantage for newbie’s (beginners)
  • Not enough offers to promote (if compared to some affiliate networks in the industry).

MaxBounty Sign up

If you’re interested in signing-up with MaxBounty; you can follow the link below to sign-up for an account.


My Opinion about MaxBounty

MaxBounty is 100% Legit, and it’s one of the very few affiliate networks with high converting offers. You have a better chance of earning a good income from them if you can provide good traffic to their offers.

The secret is – Good Traffic!

MaxBounty review – Conclusion

MaxBounty is a force to reckon with in the affiliate network industry, and there’s no doubt that you can earn decent money with their offers. I’ve been there; and from my experience, I can categorically tell you that MaxBounty is one of the most reliable CPA affiliate networks in the industry!

What’s next?

If you find this MaxBounty Review helpful; please, kindly leave your comments below; I’ll really love to learn from your experience.

Many thanks.


MaxBounty Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s.

What is MaxBounty?

MaxBounty is a CPA affiliate network where you can find offers to promote.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA means Cost Per Action; meaning – the advertiser will only pay you if the required action is been carried out. Although, the good side about CPA marketing is this; the more intense the required action, the more higher your commission (in most cases).

How do I become an affiliate with MaxBounty?

The first step you need to take is to sign up on their website. After you’ve signed-up; a confirmation email will be sent to you to validate.
Once that is done; they’ll review your website for appropriate contents and contact you to finalise the process (mostly to understand how you intend to promote their offers).

Is phone verification required to become an affiliate with MaxBounty?

Yes; it’s a must! You will not be approved into MaxBounty affiliate network without phone verification.

What’s the fastest way to get approved by MaxBounty?

If you want your account to be approved on the same day; then follow the following steps:

  • Sign up for MaxBounty account
  • Check your email and validate the confirmation email they’ve sent you
  • Call the affiliate manager listed on the confirmation page (only call during normal business hours).

Rather than waiting for them to contact you; if you follow the above three steps, you can possibly get approved on the same day you sign-up.

Does MaxBounty accept international affiliate marketers?

Yes; they accept affiliate marketers from all countries (worldwide).

Will I be approved with MaxBounty if I don’t have a website?

You may possibly not get approved. But if you call the affiliate manager assigned to your application, and explain how you intend to promote their offers; you might be lucky and get approved.

When are affiliates paid at MaxBounty?

MaxBounty pay’s their affiliates on a monthly net 15 basis. Meaning; if you generate revenue in January, you will receive the payment in February 15th.
Once you have received your first payment; then you’ll be automatically placed on a weekly payment schedule (that’s if your preferred payment method is electronic payments).
MaxBounty requires a minimum balance of $100 before they issue your payment. Meaning; if you don’t reach the $100 minimum; your earnings will be rolled over to the next pay period until you reach the $100 minimum payout.

What about MaxBounty’s weekly payments?

You must earn at least one payment before you’re entitled to their weekly payments.

How does MaxBounty pay their affiliate marketers?

MaxBounty pays its affiliates by Check, PayPal, Intercash, eCheck, ACH, Wire, and Bitcoin; although, the available payment options depend on the affiliate’s home country.
All earnings are paid in US Dollars, but you may still get the benefits of receiving your payment in your national currency and from a local bank if you choose to check as your payment method (international affiliates).

What is incentive traffic and is it allowed at MaxBounty?

Incentive traffic is basically when an affiliate marketer offers people with some form of rewards if they carry out the required action by using the affiliate marketer’s link.
Yes, MaxBounty does accept incentive traffic but with some form of limitations to offers, you can promote…

Does MaxBounty accept content unlock traffic?

Yes, MaxBounty does accept content unlock traffic but only on campaigns which accept incentive traffic.

Does MaxBounty cost money?

No, you don’t need money to join MaxBounty. It’s completely free.

How do you get approved for MaxBounty?

Getting accepted by Maxbounty is quite straightforward, but you really need to prove that you have the skills and experience that they need from an affiliate marketer like you. The most important process of getting approved on Maxbounty’s network is to prove your level of experience. You need to prove your level of experience through your application process and when speaking with one of their affiliate managers who will determine either to accept you on their network or not. You need to be as detailed as possible.

Basically. All that Maxbounty requires from affiliate marketers is experience. They simply need affiliate marketers that can genuinely help in promoting advertisers offers ethically with high conversion rate.

How does MaxBounty make money?

MaxBounty makes money from promoting advertisers offers on their network.


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23 thoughts on “MaxBounty Review – and All you Need to Know about MaxBounty Affiliate Network!”

  1. I’ve been working with maxbounty for 4 years already and must say “It’S The Best Cpa Affiliate Nerwork Ever”

    I’ve tried any kind of possible traffic with them and all convert well, also, converting very well for almost tire 1 countries all other the word.

  2. We have health related products such as telemedical and air ambulance. We have marketing videos etc. We are looking for internet leads.We construct the message and want to use a service to spread the word such as facebook etc. Will Maxbounty do that for us.?

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for stopping by.
      With regards to your question, I’m sure that MaxBounty can help you with leads generation. Basically, MaxBounty is a CPA network, and CPA is all about lead generation and making sales.
      I hope that answers your question?
      Please feel free to drop me a message here, if you have any further questions.


  3. Great write up! Its always good to find some more affiliate programs. We have one that pays 20% commission in crypto for our streaming IPTV service over at

  4. When it comes to monetization, I’ve tried it all.

    I started with Adsense… but was let down by the low CPCs.

    Then I promoted affiliate products… but I couldn’t get the traffic to convert.

    Then I tried CPA marketing… and quickly realized that it was THE best way to monetize.

    (In fact, CPA helped one of my sites go from 0 to $10k/month in record time), so as a blogger I suggest to join (maxbounty-mostCPA-peerfly) and choose YOUR niche, suitable offers and then start write some blogs about those offers. I guarantee that you reach out your money goals.

    1. Hi Adam, I totally agree with your point… Promoting CPA offers to monetize your blog can really make a big difference.

      Anyway, many thanks for sharing your experience.


  5. Hi John

    love to see your results I am going to try Affiliate marketing with MaxBounty or Peerfly
    im a newby first time for Everything

    Thank’s Rodney

  6. Hi John,
    First of all It’s a great article and very useful for newbie like us.Kindly through some light on the preferred network between peerfly and maxbounty.

    1. Hi Abhijat,

      Both Peerfly and MaxBounty are great CPA networks and very user-friendly for newbies.
      The only difference I can say about both is more of my personal experiences. Basically, I’ve not really had much success with Peerfly’s campaigns as much as I did with MaxBounty’s campaigns.
      Haven said that; that does not mean MaxBounty is better than Peerfly. Although there are lots of talks about both of the networks; but I don’t think you can go wrong using either of the CPA networks.
      Presently; I’m in the process of testing out both Peerfly and MaxBounty again, by picking 5 offers each from the networks and promote the offers with same traffic.
      The main purpose is to track the rate of conversion and see which one is more newbie friendly even if you are on a low budget…

  7. hi i have a problem with getting the affiliate link to use on maxbounty because the html code doesn’t do anything even when i put on my browser leave alone trying to post it anywhere is the tracking code same as affiliate link? how do i go about this please?

    1. Hi Kwin,

      I don’t think it would be a problem if your website is not in English.
      According to MaxBounty FAQ; they did not insist you most have a website before you can get accepted, although having a website gives you a far better chance of being accepted.
      So, your website language should not be a barrier.

      You can double check with MaxBounty though.

      Best of luck…


  8. Maxbounty scamming me to worship the advertiser 🙁 :-
    hello folk
    i want to share with you what’s happen with me at maxbounty network !!!
    it was my first month to me with them and my AM was ( Tania Laroche Duhamel ) i working with here with a lot of traffic sources as any new one to know what’s good for them and continue with the good one and expect the bad one , till now it’s good
    at the first month i make about $2300 but they told me there are one offer have low quality traffic so will remove it and already did that and my payment was $2164 as i remember , so i ask if the other is good she told me from the beginning of the other month to 10th you will know the feedback and if any thing is bad will tell you and remove the bad payment from this offer ( and i was working at more than 10 offers ), so i stop all my traffic from all my sources and wait them .
    it was 13th and nothing and i asked my AM told me every thing is ok , so i continue my working at the next month and make more than $5000 then at the 14th ( it was just one day and i will get my payment they told me your friend have bad quality traffic so your payment is hold and we will ask for review if you have a fraud traffic we will close your account as we did with him , ( my friend !!!!!! ) so i told my AM it’s ok , by the way you already told me that my quality is good and i will get my payment and also for the next month my quality is good . ( i have screenshot from our chatting )
    then after 10h i see that she block me at skype and didn’t answer me all of AM that belong to maxbounty blocking me and send to me mail told me that my account is closed and if i think it was an error replay and told us why ? , and i did it and told them everything and ask them so why now you closed my mail but without any answer , and asking them about my old payment that them already get this money from the advertiser because they told me also before that they get the money and the feedback from 1th t 10th from every month then send to us the money if it the first time and it was weekly told us to return the money if the traffic is bad or there are any refunds , or say nothing that’s mean everything is ok ,
    so they already take the payment from the advertiser and come to 14th at the month and creating this problems and every one i talk to him say to me i have nothing to do !!! how and you told me from some days before that my quality is good so why so closed everything and take all of my payment ( it was all what i have ) and i already told my AM that and she told me the quality is good continue your working !!! but now they take from me all what i have really , i don’t know what i do , and i have all proofs from my AM words to assure every word i had said it now

      1. no i don’t think they will do that John , you know why ?! because if they reply i will comment only with screenshot between me and my manager show that i’m right at every word i have said it , also show that they already take the money from the advertiser but didn’t send to me any think ,
        are you see every one say i steal this person !!! they can’t do this , as i told you every things is clear to all , maxbounty just try every moment to take from you your payment at any reason they create it .
        you know what man if you are there learn from my lesson and what’s happen to me , that’s my advice
        thanks John

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