AffiloBlueprint Review: Discover The Facts You Need To Know About AffiloBlueprint!


Do you have a burning desire to learn more about AffiloBlueprint or how to start making money on the internet? If your answer is YES; then continue reading this AffiloBlueprint Review with an open mind!

Let’s start by understanding AffiloBlueprint and its basics!

AffiloBlueprint Overview

Overall Ranking: 88 out of 100.
Price: AffiloBlueprint-system is $197.
Owners: Mark Ling
Course Level: Intermediate, and Advanced

What is AffiloBlueprint – or Affilorama Blueprint?

AffiloBlueprint (also referred to as Affilorama Blueprint) is a step-by-step training program for affiliate marketers; the program will teach you all you need to know and guide you through the required process of setting up a profitable affiliate marketing website within weeks.

AffiloBlueprint is more of a video tutorial; you’ll be required to watch the videos to understand the task involved in completing the necessary stages of your affiliate marketing website. Stages such as setting up your own website, caring out the keyword research, optimizing your website for SEO purposes, and many more!

You also have access to PDF notes that you can always print-out for blueprints purpose (as the product name already reflect) or for easy reference purposes, – it’s totally up to you.

The good thing is; at every stage, they give you some task to complete (homework) in other to be sure you actually understand every stage in the training videos you’ve watched.

Who created AffiloBlueprint?

AffiloBlueprint was created by Mark Ling (a well-known internet Entrepreneur).

Does AffiloBlueprint works?

In my opinion; it’s a Yes! If you continue reading this AffiloBlueprint Review, then you’ll see some facts to make your own conclusive opinion.

Please bear in mind; Affilorama has been around for over a decade now, and all its products have really proved themselves beyond any doubt.

Also, according to a recent report on Affilorama’s website;  the founder recently carried out a live demonstration of the AffiloBlueprint product in front of audiences, and the report confirmed he was able to start generating over $500 per week within a period of 12 weeks (as stated on Affilorama’s website).


What is included in AffiloBlueprint?

AffiloBlueprint does contain a lot of related resources required; here are some of what you’ll get with the product:

  • You’ll get a proven system that you can use repeatedly in any niche and still be profitable,
  • You’ll get a well-detailed proven step-by-step guide that will teach you how to create, get traffic, and monetize your affiliate websites,
  • You’ll get an easy-to-use free web-hosting service for your websites included,
  • You’ll get detailed steps of videos that will show you how to achieve each step’s after the other; each video has an average 20-minutes recording, and a total of over 40-hours of video tutorials,
  • You’ll get access to AffiloBlueprint private members-only forum; quite useful for asking related questions from other members,
  • Apart from watching the videos online, you can actually download the videos to your computer or mobile devices for future needs.
  • You’ll get access to the downloadable copy of each lesson’s written notes which you can download to your computer or other mobile devices,
  • You’ll get the AffiloTheme website builder as a bonus, plus videos on how to easily set-up your affiliate website without buying any web designing software,
  • You’ll get weekly homework to ensure you know exactly what you should be doing or achieving at every stage of the training.
  • A compressive training program that will let you know which tasks are more essential and which is optional, so you could dedicate more time on the essential tasks.

How much does AffiloBlueprint cost?

AffiloBlueprint comes with the complete AffiloBlueprint-system at the price of $197.

Please Note: you have a 60-DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you’re not completely satisfied with the product!



If you really want to get your head around affiliate marketing and start your first profitable affiliate website; then AffiloBlueprint will be a good choice.

Although, I still personally prefer Wealthy Affiliate over many other related products in the industry! With Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn Affiliate Marketing from complete newbie to advanced level.

See: Wealthy Affiliate Review.


See: Understanding the basics of Wealthy Affiliate (Highly Recommended for Newbies).

Bear in mind; making money on the internet does come down to your commitments (your efforts and persistence).

One thing I can assure you is; you’re in the Right hands with any of Affilorama’s products.

Affiloblueprint review

Before you leave; please kindly share your thoughts in the comments below. Your thoughts or opinion can actually help someone in making the right decision!

Thanks for reading!

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