14 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses for Newbie Affiliate Marketers

14 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses for Newbie Marketers

As affiliate marketing has become more popular over the years, many people have shown interest in learning about it. Affiliate marketing courses are offered to teach those aspiring to become successful affiliate marketers. Courses are available on various topics, including how to set up an affiliate marketing site, how to choose a niche market, and more.

As of today, this marketing method is one of the most efficient systems in driving sales, generating revenue, and expanding into uncharted demographics. And as tempting as affiliate marketing may seem, a lack of knowledge can lead to catastrophic failure.

With that said, there are affiliate marketing courses and training all over the internet to help you avoid common mistakes. However, choosing the right affiliate marketing training course can be quite tricky as a newbie.

In this article, I will share with you my 14 picks of the best affiliate marketing courses and training that I believe can teach you how to build your own website/blog to earn passive income year over year.

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An overview of Affiliate Marketing courses

Learning affiliate marketing is not complicated with the right courses at your disposal. Some courses are lifelong learning with consistent updates, while others come with practical steps to enable you to implement the ideas in a real scenario.

Just to be clear, there is no guarantee that even with the best course, you will succeed on your first trial. However, as they say, if at first, you don’t succeed, try again until you get the hang of it.

But before I proceed with reviewing the 14 best affiliate marketing courses, let’s break down the basics of what affiliate marketing is all about.

What is affiliate marketing - Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a system in which a marketer earns commissions by advertising a brand’s product or service. The affiliate marketer searches for products and services a specific demographic are searching for; the marketer then markets it on behalf of the seller (the vendor) and earns a small profit on the side.

The secret to affiliate marketing success is quality traffic. You send traffic to vendors’ offers (landing pages) and get paid a commission for every sale your traffic converts.

Interestingly, do you know that there are over 11,400 affiliate marketing programs in the United States alone? That is certainly a lot, and according to Mediakix, over 80% of major brands run an affiliate program.

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In fact, marketers depend on affiliate marketing to make the huge profits you see on the internet. Even better is that you do not need any sort of investment or capital to start. 

Getting excited already, let’s jump into some of the best affiliate marketing courses that can get you good results.

The Affiliate Lab Course Dashboard - Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

The Affiliate Lab Course

The Affiliate Lab affiliate marketing course is one of the best and most successful affiliate marketing courses on the internet today that is worth every dime and has a significant emphasis on SEO.

The course was created by Matt Diggity, who is one of the leading voices in the SEO industry and a founder of a digital marketing agency.

Some of his strategies for earning passive income online include;

  • Finding profitable keywords,
  • Building a profitable affiliate website or niche site,
  • How to get your website to rank high on Google and other search engines using the power of SEO,
  • How to monetize your website,
  • How to flip your website for 40X of the monthly income,
  • And much more.

What is the Affiliate Lab Course all about

SEO is the strategy for building a successful online business, and the training provided by the Affiliate Lab does cover all you need to know to become a successful affiliate marketer. Matt uses his SEO and affiliate marketing knowledge to ensure his students understand the significance of SEO in building a successful affiliate site and earning a passive income online.

Is the Affiliate Lab Course Worth it?

The affiliate lab consists of over 100 videos packed with great knowledge far beyond just affiliate marketing. This course is the most comprehensive affiliate marketing course online, and it’s my favourite.

From niche selection to detailed keyword research, to building your website, on-page and off-page SEO, and link building, you name it. This affiliate online course has all you need to build successful affiliate sites.

The Affiliate Lab price

This affiliate online course is priced at a one-time cost of $997. In my opinion, the course is quite pricey for someone with a low budget. On the other hand, if you can afford it, you are giving yourself a super affiliate system that can fast-track your learning far above the average aspiring affiliate marketers out there.

They also provide you with a supportive private Facebook community where you can ask questions from fellow members that are above your level in the learning process.

Project 24 Course by Income School - Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Income School Project 24 Course

Founded by two successful internet entrepreneurs, Jim Harmer and Rick Kesler, the Income School is a trusted affiliate marketing training that can get you started in your affiliate marketing journey.

The Income School, which started out as a podcast by Ricky and Jim, now has over 265 affiliate marketing video lessons. Both of them were friends from high school. They started the business after Jim had built a few successful websites and Ricky had experience in entrepreneurship.

What is the Project 24 Course all about?

Project 24 is an affiliate marketing training course created by Income school. This online course aims at helping you to create a passive income online that is sufficient enough to replace your day job income within 24 months. The process is simply through building successful affiliate sites.

Is Project 24 by Income School Worth It?

Learning affiliate marketing with Income school’s Project 24 is worth the cost. The course uses a 60-step approach in teaching its students their approach to building a successful affiliate website.

The team updates the site regularly, and the videos are well-detailed and explanatory. Students (members only) can also join the podcast to master SEO and other marketing strategies.

Each newbie becomes part of a successful community with an incredible support group. 

Project 24 Prices

The course is priced at $449 for the first year payment and $249 for the subsequent annual renewal.

Overall, Project 24 Income School has all the affiliate marketing mastery you need to start earning passive income online.

The Authority Site System Course by Authority Hacker

The Authority Site System Course

If you want to learn how to build an authority website in the affiliate marketing space, the Authority Site System course by Authority Hacker is what you need. This course is one of its kind when it comes down to building authority sites.

Truth be told; it’s not an affiliate secret, having an authority site will take your affiliate marketing business to another level.

What is the Authority Site System course by the Authority Hacker all about?

The authority site system training was designed by Gael Breton and Mark Webster with the idea of empowering members with tips and tricks to enable them to understand how to build successful authority websites that will earn them passive income. The course is detailed in a step-by-step approach.

Is the Authority Site System course Worth it?

The course covers all you need to learn to succeed as an online affiliate marketer, including keyword research, market research, design, branding, site setup, analytics, monetization, and the entire nine yards.

The course is in-depth, and members have access to over 180+ video lessons with real-life follow-along cases to help them better understand the concepts of building an authority site.

The Authority Site System course consists of a lot more than just another affiliate course out there.

It covers all you need to know in building a successful blog, which includes, keyword research, finding niches, qualifying niches, design and branding, site planning and setup, building your posts and pages, monetization, finding a profitable affiliate network, and many more.

Authority Site System course price

The course is priced at $997 (onetime payment) with a 30-day full money-back guarantee. They also have an advanced course for experienced marketers. The course is Authority Hacker Pro.

Overall, the Authority Site System course is a comprehensive affiliate training program for beginners with lots of tools to help you in your learning journey.

Wealthy Affiliate Course

Wealthy Affiliate Course

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most popular affiliate marketing courses on the internet. With a claim of having over 1.4 million members, there is no doubt why their platform is that popular among newbie affiliate marketers.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Course all about?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training course and a community that provides affiliate training, tools, and community membership for aspiring affiliate marketers. The course is designed to take a complete beginner with zero knowledge in affiliate marketing to an experienced affiliate marketer.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it?

Although a lot of Wealthy Affiliate’s video lessons has not been updated in a long time, which is not helpful in the current ever-evolving world we live in. However, they are still one of the cheapest affiliate marketing courses that can get you results if you put in the required hard work.

The platform is a more task-oriented training course. They provide 1000+ training modules, 52+ live expert classes annually with a lesson every week. Including free website hosting.

Wealthy Affiliate simply teaches you the techniques and strategies to build a successful affiliate site, and provide you with tools to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Wealthy Affiliate Prices

The course price starts at $0 per month for the starter package, $49 per month for the premium package, and $99 per month for the premium plus package. The first month for the premium package is $19, and then $49 for the subsequent months.

Overall, the Wealthy Affiliate course is a good course for anyone that wants to learn affiliate marketing in a community-oriented environment. However, they are not the best in the industry.

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Legendary Marketer Course

Legendary Marketer Course

This comprehensive training pack is a full digital outline with one-on-one coaching, live networking, eBooks, and a support community targeted at solving the problem of the online marketing business in four main areas; they are; events and masterminds, coaching and consulting affiliate marketing, and digital products.

What is Legendary Marketer all about?

The Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe is a professional and comprehensive affiliate marketing training course that covers all aspects of online selling on all channels, including Facebook ads, Instagram, YouTube marketing, and leads generation.

In addition, the 15-day challenge to build your online business is probably the best thing this course has over others on the market.

Students will also have the opportunity to meet other successful affiliate marketers to learn firsthand the tricks and tips for all levels of affiliate programs, from beginners to professionals.

Legendary Marketer prices

The program costs start at $1.99 for the ebook, $3 for the marketers club package, $2,500 for the business blueprint membership with four blueprints and $5,000 for the live mastermind which is an advance marketer’s package.

Overall, Legendary Marketer’s training program is a good training program, however, I would not recommend it to a complete newbies affiliate marketer. The training is more advanced, and It can get quite expensive.

Commission Hero Course

Commission Hero Course

If you desire to leverage Facebook ads to build a successful affiliate business, then Commission Hero is the platform to be on. Although you need to invest your time and money right from the start, this course allows you to start earning affiliate income round the clock but at a cost.

What is the Commission Hero course all about?

The Commission Hero course by Robby Blanchard is a comprehensive affiliate marketing program that relies on paid traffic like Facebook ads to promote your affiliate offers and get sales.

Is Commission Hero Course Worth it?

The Commission Hero course is a comprehensive affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to start and succeed as an affiliate marketer using the power of Facebook paid ads. However, this course can get tricky because your entire affiliate business will be dependent on Facebook as your traffic source.

Commission Hero course price

The program costs $997 for a one-time payment or $597 for 2 payments 30 days apart.

Overall, if you want to learn how to promote affiliate offers through Facebook and earn passive income, then Commission Hero is a course for you.

Inbox Blueprint Course

InBox Blueprint Course

Affiliate marketing relies on choosing the appropriate niche and building strategies that will make you earn affiliate commission without stressing your head. To help you achieve this, Inbox Blueprint has 196 amazing video lessons, from choosing a niche to scaling your business for profit.

Inbox Blueprint leverages email marketing to help marketers build a successful, long-term, and profitable online business, including building an affiliate marketing business.

What is Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint is a course that was created by Anik Singal; the course teaches email marketing tactics to help you build an email list of interested prospects, then use your list as a foundation for building a business.

In the Inbox Blueprint course, you’ll learn how to create lead magnets and offers that people can’t refuse. You’ll also learn how to build an autoresponder series, craft email campaigns, and develop compelling sales pages that convert leads into sales.

Is Inbox Blueprint Worth it?

While beginners can learn a lot from Inbox Blueprint, this course is designed for people who have knowledge of affiliate marketing but wish to build an email list via landing page traffic and monetize their list using affiliate marketing.

Inbox Blueprint Price

This email marketing course costs $997 for a one-time payment or a 3-installation payment of $397.

Overall; if email marketing is of interest to you, you cannot go wrong with Inbox Blueprint. Bear in mind, this course is not for beginners with zero knowledge of how to make money online. If you are a complete newbie, I’ll suggest you choose any of the other affiliate marketing courses.

Digital Worth Academy Course

Digital Worth Academy Course

Created by Andrew Hansen and Sara Young, Digital Worth Academy is an online marketing course that leverage the power of SEO to teach potential affiliate marketers how to create authority sites that are search engine friendly.

What is Digital Worth Academy?

Digital Worth Academy is an online coaching platform that is developed to teach digital marketing comprehensively in a simple step-by-step approach.

The course is primarily for those who are new to online business, but experienced marketers can also benefit from the training they offer.

The training is very helpful and involves all the essential information to building a successful authority website. Their approach is quite realistic because they are not one of those courses that promise quick results with little-to-no effort, which will eventually lead to failure.

Is Digital Worth Academy Worth it?

While the course allows you to build a website that can get organic traffic from search engines, one downside to Digital Worth Academy is that it’s heavily into the Amazon affiliate program. You’ll learn how to find and promote products on Amazon’s platform. Personally, I don’t believe in Amazon affiliate marketing, because the risk is higher than the reward in my opinion.

Digital Worth Academy Price

The course is priced at $797.

Overall, the course is decent but not one of the best in the industry. One other thing to be aware of is that the course’s strong point is SEO. No doubt that SEO is a necessity to learn in the digital marketing industry. But you really don’t need more than basic knowledge in SEO. However, if SEO is a priority to you, then I would suggest signing up for the Affiliate Lab course.

ClickBank University Course

ClickBank University Course

ClickBank is one of the most known affiliate networks in the affiliate marketing space. It’s one of the most known affiliate networks in the ever-growing world of affiliate marketing, and it provides a wide variety of tools and resources to help affiliates succeed. It is currently one of the largest affiliate networks on the internet.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is an affiliate network dedicated to bringing together vendors and affiliates. If you are the vendor, then you create your own product and if you are the affiliate, then all you do is promote other people’s products for commissions. Basically, you send traffic to the vendor’s product (an offer) and you get a commission for every sale that results from that traffic.

What is ClickBank University?

ClickBank University is a platform that was created by Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan; the aim of the platform is to teach aspiring affiliate marketers how to promote affiliate offers to earn a commission (primarily through Clickbank products).

Is ClickBank University Worth it?

ClickBank University affiliate marketing training lasts 12 weeks. The course is detailed and includes a practical step-by-step procedure for creating online income leveraging Clickbank affiliate network products.

ClickBank University Price

ClickBank University is priced at $47 per month for the monthly price.

Overall; undoubtedly, ClickBank University is one of the cheapest affiliate courses on the internet, but in terms of value for money, it’s not the best.

Affilorama Course

Affilorama Course

If you are looking for another affiliate marketing course that is free to get started aside from Wealthy Affiliate, then Affilorama is the one for you. However, there are limitations to the free account.

Created by a New Zealand-based successful affiliate marketer, Mark Ling, in 2006, the platform has stood the test of time.

What is Affilorama?

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing course and community for aspiring affiliate marketers. The course is comprehensive, and with other relevant topics like website design, copywriting, etc.

Affilorama’s primary focus is affiliate marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), niche market research, website building, content creation, email marketing, and social media.

Affilorama programs include Free Lessons, Pathway to Passive Income, AffiloTools, and AffiloJetpack.

Is Affilorama Worth It?

Affilorama is not my best choice in the affiliate marketing industry because most of their training and strategies are kind of outdated. However, their Pathway to Passive Income affiliate marketing training eBook is an ebook that is worth it.

The ebook covers most of the things you need in building a successful affiliate marketing business. The book contains 7 chapters from getting started to valuable resources, including finding a niche, SEO, traffic generation, conversion, and building trust in your audience.

Affilorama Price

Affilorama’s paid products start at $19. Their premium membership is $67 per month.

Passive Income Geek Course

Passive Income Geek Course

Passive Income Geek was launched by Morten Storgaard in November 2020, so the site is pretty new, but it has everything going for it. The affiliate marketing training course is surprisingly impressive.

What is the Passive Income Geek course?

The Passive Income Geek is an affiliate marketing training that started out on Youtube and was later converted into a training course.

The course is one of the most affordable affiliates marketing courses with 9 modules, including fundamentals like niche selection, topic research, domain, setting up a website, content writing, SEO, monetization, and social media.

The course is still relatively new with little or no success story to show for now.

Is the Passive Income Geek course Worth it?

With valuable material that teaches you how to build a website from scratch and drive organic traffic, this beginner’s course contains step-by-step over-the-shoulder video lessons on how you can build an affiliate website successfully.

Passive Income Geek Course Price

This entire program costs $299 for initial registration and $99 for additional annual renewals.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course

Stefan James went from being a YouTuber to one of the most recognized affiliate marketers, earning 6 figures online. This affiliate marketing training guide will teach you the exact techniques he used to build a successful online business.

What is the Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course all about?

This is 7-course training guide will help you navigate the often-restless waters of affiliate marketing. James did not hold back any of his acquired knowledge. He teaches his students everything he has accumulated in over 10 years, saving them the trouble and the struggles.

The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course Price

The course has a one-off fixed price of $997 or 3 installation payments of $397.

Overall, the course is too pricey. There are better premium courses for that price.

The Six Figure Mentors Course

The Six Figure Mentors Course

The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is a course that has been around for some time and its popularity doesn’t seem to be decreasing. It teaches you how to build and run your very own online business.

As an affiliate marketing training program, members will have access to expert courses from top influencers in the marketing world. It has a well-organized system that allows students to follow the course and implement the teachings.

What is The Six Figure Mentors course all about?

The Six Figure Mentors teach you how to start your own online business, its primary focus is to teach you how to use Facebook ads to promote their product (the Six Figure Mentors) and earn a commission as an affiliate.

Is the Six Figure Mentors Course Worth it?

The Six Figure Mentors training course is like any other expensive course out there but with some caveat on this; basically, there is too much up-sell on this course.

The Six Figure Mentors course Price

The course entry price is $29 per month and $97 per month for its essential plan.

Overall, I would not recommend this course.

Perpetual Income 365 Course

Perpetual Income 365 Course

The Perpetual Income 365 program is a unique algorithm marketing tool designed by Shawn Josiah to help you generate income as you run an online business. This affiliate marketing package is a simple step-by-step guide that covers all aspects of the process.

Although you are limited by product choices to promote, this system promises to make you $98 every day with little or no knowledge of programming or online marketing.

What is the Perpetual Income 365 program?

Perpetual Income 365 program is a software-focused affiliate marketing training course that teaches you how to promote digital products online.

Although they don’t portray themself as an affiliate marketing course, it’s obvious that they are just using a new way to sell an old strategy.

Is Perpetual Income 365 program Worth it?

There are many other affiliate marketing courses on the internet that will offer you far more value than what you will get from Perpetual Income 365 program.

Their method of traffic generation is outdated and poor in my opinion. They primarily teach you how to use Solo Ads to drive traffic to your offers.

To be honest with you, Solo ads are one of the worst ways to drive traffic to your online business.

In this day and age, you should be worry learning from anyone who still teaches that strategy. Aside from the risk of GDPR, Solo ads are just not worth it.

I am not saying that you can’t be successful with Solo ads, but your chances of making consistent profits with solo ads are unlikely.

Perpetual Income 365 program Price

The software is $47 per month.


Whether you’re just thinking of promoting an affiliate link without your own website or you want to build your own niche site or authority site, you always need a learning platform in order to realize your goal.

Every good affiliate marketing course should provide you with a framework as a solid start. Pricing, course quality, support, and community are also important factors to consider before deciding on one. There’s no point in choosing a course that will provide you with no support in your learning process.

With this list of the best affiliate marketing courses, I am quite sure that you will find the one that will fit your needs in learning affiliate marketing.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best on your affiliate journey.

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