Online Affiliate Marketing Basics.

Understanding online affiliate marketing basics is highly important if you really want to learn how to make money on the internet as an Affiliate Marketer!

Basically; the easiest way to simplify the concept of online affiliate marketing is to start by understanding what affiliate marketing simply means and what it involves.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be defined as a means of earning commission by promoting other peoples products or services. You actually drive traffic (audience) to the merchant’s or product-owner’s site (using a link designated to you – a website url), and you get paid for every successful sale.

Affiliate marketing can also be referred to as a pay-per-performance marketing tactics. It’s a big money making opportunity with endless potentials!

The truth is; super affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn are actually earning commissions over $40,000 every month from affiliate marketing.

Seriously; you can’t imagine the tremendous money making opportunities in the affiliate marketing industry! In fact, I recently read a report about affiliate marketing industry growing into $6.8 Billion in the next five years! – Imagine that?


How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing in 2 Quick Steps!

Step 1: Build a product review website (be niche specific):
A product review website is a site that offers valuable information to readers – mainly about specific products; more of a pre-sale information (but most be unbiased).

Building a product review website is one of the cost effective way of becoming an affiliate marketer! It’s more of a newbie friendly approach; mainly if your intended source of traffic solely relies on organic traffic.

A niche website puts you way ahead of the competition; basically, you’ll be operating from a well-defined path.

Step 2: Build an Email-List – Email Marketing:
You can actually get started as an affiliate marketer by building your own email-list of potential audience (people you can market products and services to).
You don’t really need a website to start email marketing; basically, you can build a decent email-list with a landing page!

All that really matters in building an email-list is the quality of your traffic! Although, you do have various ways at which you can drive traffic to your opt-in point; either through free source like social media (facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc) or through ads like PPC, Solo ads, PPV etc.
The key here is; you need to ensure that your source of traffic is decent enough in other to have a responsive email-list.
The only downside to email marketing is the fact that it’s been abused in many ways; but if you put integrity first and money after; then you’ll be fine.

“Our Recommended Resource’s for Email-List Building (Inclusive Landing Pages).”

A frequently asked question: Can i do Affiliate Marketing without a website?

Yes you can actually start Affiliate Marketing without owning your own website! There are many approaches to it, but i’ll only be talking about one method that i’ve successfully used many times, and that is Direct Linking to the affiliate product website.

How to start Affiliate Marketing without a website; but mainly Direct Linking to Product Sources!

What is Direct Linking in Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate direct linking simply means, when you as an affiliate marketer links directly to the product owner’s website (using your designated link – url), and you are directing your audience straight from your sources to the merchant or product owner’s landing page (their website).

With this method; you don’t need a website or your own landing page in other to start making money online.

Although, direct linking do requires some investments (mainly for the Advertising). If you’re directly linking to the affiliate product website; you can hardly rely on organic traffic as your only source of traffic.


Online Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable Money Making Opportunities on the internet at this present day!

Basically; the opportunities before you are endless! All you need is to lean and understand the core concept of Online Affiliate Marketing.

Like any other businesses; Success is on your path if you’re ready to put-in the time and effort required; most of all – be ready to persevere through the ups and downs!

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